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In our group, we combine theoretical, computational and experimental methods of solid mechanics to study the link between microstructure and macroscopic properties of a variety of materials with diverse applications in science and technology. Our primary focus is on the impact of small-scale instabilities on the controllable macroscopic performance of solids and structures. Our work aims at advanced computational techniques to better understand and predict the behavior of materials by means of efficient and accurate models (ranging from the atomic scale to the macroscopic continuum level). Furthermore, we explore design strategies for novel materials with tunable, exceptional properties. In our lab, we create and characterize such materials experimentally. Read more about some of our recent and ongoing research projects by following the links below, or start with our research summary.

Material Instabilities
are tuned for extreme mechanical performance...
Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Techniques
bridge across scales...
The Viscoelasticity of Ferroelectrics is tunable by the push of a button...

Plasticity & Twinning
under extreme dynamic conditions...
Structural Materials:
deformation mechanisms
on the nanoscale...
Nonlinear Dynamics in bistable elastic structures exploit instability...

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